Stephen K. Njuguna

Product Manager | Software Developer

Stephen is a product developer with a passion for solving big social problems. Stephen has over 7 years of software development experience and has worked in teams ranging from Google Inc to Andela Kenya to develop scalable software solutions. Stephen has also served as a Co-founder & CTO for a tech start-up focusing on the transport industry in Nairobi. In his last role Stephen was a Product Manager at Andela, where he led efforts in developing tech products for upskilling Andela’s distributed engineering teams to become better at their work. Stephen is also an alumnus of the Mandela Washington Fellowship program, he attended Clark Atlanta University and harnessed the relevant skills sets and competencies to incubate, accelerate, and effectively manage business enterprises.

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What I'm good at


Android development


Digital Marketing

Lean Data


Product Management

Human Centred Design

Wordpress Development

Work Experience

My previous associations

September, 2020

Microsoft (EA)

Senior Program Manager

• Drive end to end delivery from gathering user requirements to delivering high quality programs and services to meet business needs • Engage with customers to clarify requirements, work through agile experience, create and communicate successful features and User Stories. • Identify business trends, challenges & opportunities, interfacing with design and architecture teams to develop an in-depth understanding of assigned products and the associated technologies. and ensure that is maintained & extended to the team throughout the product cycle • Build and leverage telemetry data to help drive prioritization decisions to deliver the best possible solution quickly. • Coordinate deliverables and dependencies with other groups to hit milestones • Build cross-team coordination and a community with other engineers relating to challenges & opportunities in the areas of app to app and business to business integrations • Gain a working understanding of Microsoft businesses and collaborate with mentors and leaders to contribute to cohesive, end-to-end experiences for our users. • Stay educated on existing, emerging technologies and support POCs to evaluate technology fits for customer needs.

May, 2019
August, 2020

Kwaduara Ltd (https://kwara.com)

Principal Product Manager

Kwara is a Nairobi and Berlin based startup offering cooperative financial institutions (e.g. SACCOs) a digital banking platform to deliver modern online and mobile banking experiences to their members.

July, 2018
April, 2019

Andela (https://andela.com/)

Product Manager

• Led the development of Andela IDE extensions that allowed junior developers to surface blockers from their IDE environments (e.g. VS code) while allowing senior engineers to remediate the issues from within the same environments. o The overall impact of this was developer support could be provided at scale to junior developers, allowing the senior engineering team to remain lean o Data mined from support request from junior developers could be used to improve the learning curriculum • Led the development of custom features on the Andela LMS platform (Canvas) which allowed senior developers evaluate and support junior developers at scale. This allowed the training team to remain lean as the number of junior developers increased • Collaborated closely with the Learning department to understand their vision and needs in order to effectively scale Andela’s learning efforts and programs • Managed the talent development tech product roadmap to enable us track, measure and optimize learning • Co-led the research and acquisition of a training organization (Classadoo) to bolster the Talent department

Sep, 2017
June, 2018

Jambojet (www.jambojet.com)

Digital Product Manager

• Increased of online revenue by 14% • Led the redesign and development of the JamboJet website by product managing a remote team of designers and developers. • Developed and maintained the Product Backlog. Communicated release priorities, project progress and post- launch results • Created wireframes and collaborate with 3rd party vendors to create mockups and prototypes. Solicited and negotiated design feedback from internal stakeholders. • Led the measurement and reporting of all ecommerce KPIs as well as conducted and presented ad-hoc analyses and reports. • Was directly responsible for strategic and day-to-day support analytics needs around online promotions and customer experience. • Created the strategy to optimize paid search and display campaigns

Sep, 2015
June, 2017

Spire Education (spire.is - acquired by Shortlist.net)

Product Manager

• Coordinated a diverse team of 12 individuals into developing a product that generated recurring revenue of up to $300,000 in 7 months and serves more than 1000 students. • Created and implemented a data driven product management process that enabled teams to have a consistent growth of 25% in productivity every quarter. • Developed systems for measuring and improving learning impact that enabled us to consistently get NPS scores of 70 from our clients – Industry average 61. • Created a customer feedback collection process that ensured we collected actionable feedback. The process powered our company’s vision by identifying the most important product development activities & features that need to be focused on. • Managed a team of software developers and created a student information system [web-application] that enabled our organization to collect, compile and analyze all data in one system. This enabled our company to stay lean as our clientele base grew. • Aggressively launched and improved product features, through execution of product sprints that moved our organizational priorities forward.

April, 2015
June, 2017

SPIRE (spire.is)

Technology Manager

• Led creation of Spire's first online & SMS tools to evaluate learning, retention, and behavioral impact of Spire's training, reducing impact measurement time from paper surveys by 80% • Identified and launched a new learning management system (LMS) that resulted in a 4x increase in student utilization of online lessons & assessments while reducing annual costs by 30% • Developed an employer facing web portal that enabled Spire’s employer partners to access student profiles and filter them according to the needs of their companies, this allowed them to make quick hires that resulted in 96% employment rate

Nov, 2012
March, 2015

Obibee (obibee.com) / OPEN SOURCE DEVELOPMENT

Co-founder, Product Manager & Software Developer

• Developed a web application for Transparency International Kenyan chapter that enables their employees monitor the impact of monetary donations in combating deforestation in Kenya. (POC system) • Developed the Fraud Vigilance Android application that is used by organizations to report fraud activity to the national database. The reports helps partner organizations in fraud mapping, identifying fraud trends and fraud scoring. • Designed & developed 8 mobile apps for Google Play & Amazon; Received 10,000+ downloads and generated profits of ~$1,000 / month: Fruit Blast, TronRacer, FuelLogger Pro, NewsBite, Dudo Pro, BudgetPro, Blackjack Trainer Pro, HotDeath Uno.

Sep, 2013
March, 2015

MARAMOJA Transport(maramoja.co.ke)

Co-founder, Chief Technology Officer & Marketing Tech

• Led a team of 5 software developers in creating the software which was modular, scalable and deployable on several platforms (desktop web, mobile web, android, and IOS), which ensured that clients on every major platform were able to access our system. • As a co-product lead, achieved product-market fit within 7 months of launch and raised seed funding of $50000. • Drove a 30% organic growth by integrating analytics in the software to identify gaps in the user onboarding funnel which enabled the company to improve on the user story and optimize the software for new users and existing clients.

June, 2013
Sep, 2013

Google Inc

Software Engineering Intern

• Developed the front end web client and reporting components for the BebaPay system which interfaced with the more than 700K users actively using the platform and aided them in managing their accounts efficiently. • Conducted research on the factors impacting the Android app's energy consumption, which led us to adjust the apps reporting and communication algorithms to reduce energy consumption by 30% • Ran multiple experiments using "MQTT", a light weight telemetry messaging protocol (that works a lot better than HTTP for light-weight communication) on low bandwidth and unreliable networks and optimized the BebaPay’s algorithm to increase uptime from 30% to 60% in areas where mobile networks were weak.


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